We boost leads by 800% or more using 10 highly effective strategies:

MARKETING PLAN: Build a marketing plan using digital, social, influencers and traditional marketing strategies.

FINANCIAL PLAN: Create a monthly budget, and financial forecasting plan for success.

ROI PLAN: Craft a detailed revenue forecast for your business that predicts your growth.

WEBSITE DESIGN: Build responsive websites that have marketing, influencer, ROI tracking and sharing in-built.

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING: Build your Facebook Advertising campaigns and setup easy to follow templates

GOOGLE ADVERTISING: Build your Google Adwords campaigns and setup easy to follow templates

OTHER ADVERTISING: Build and integrate any other digital or traditional advertising creatives and advertising campaigns

LINKEDIN: Build your LinkedIn business page and advertising campaigns.


TESTING: Build your lead capture page and test out different engagement messages.

INFLUENCERS: Identify and connect with influencers and bloggers to promote content.

EMAIL AUTOMATION: Setup a series of automated nurturing email campaigns that drive interaction.


TEMPLATES: Have an easy to follow format that will help you create emails and social media posts.

STEP 2: convert MORE DEALS

Increase your revenue by 20x or more with proven conversion strategies:

PREMIUM CUSTOMER: Implement a system in place that will help your business identify the right premium customers.

FREE BUSINESS: Integrate a mechanism that will help you get your content distributed through referrals.


BOOST ENGAGEMENT: Have tracking and influencer management systems in place that will help you track your advertising dollars from influencer driven campaigns.

PERFECT CLIENT FUNNEL: Build contest and promotion based marketing funnels to cross-promote to leads through emails.

MORE CONVERSIONS: Increase conversation rates by having more leads share your products on social media, Google, and via email

PERFECT ADVERTISING FUNNEL: Breakdown the results from all your traditional and digital media advertisements in real-time.


Use Influencer360 as your automation engine and experience growth of 50% or more

360˚ AUTOMATED ENGINE: Starting from the templates that creates the ad, to the payment process.

INCREASE IN FREE BUSINESS: Follow a robust influencer, blogger, affiliate, and referral automation system to stretch your advertising dollars.

PINPOINT REVENUE DRIVERS: Identify the revenue generators who drive the maximum revenue to your business.

BOOST EFFICIENCY: Analyze reports and features of the Influencer360 platform to perfect the client funnel.

BOOST SOCIAL PROFITS: Measure social metrics across all channels, and pinpoint the most effective advertisements, optimizing your advertising dollars.

INCREASE YOUR OVERALL PROFIT MARGINS: By using a combination of advertising automation, client screening automation, client engagement automation, influencers and affiliates, and the features of the Influencer360 platform, your business will amplify by 20x or more.


Option 1: Customized Software Solutions

Select a plan that fits your needs



(Value: $999)

Account/Analytics Setup

Identify KPI’s

Pinpoint Audience

Determine Best Media Outlet

Produce Creative

Streamline Workflow

Provide Training and Hand-Over Keys



(Value: $1,999)

Premium Customers

Free Business


Boost Engagement

Perfect Client Funnel

More Conversions

Perfect Advertising Funnel



(Value: $2,999)

360˚ Automated Engine

Pinpoint Revenue Drivers


Boost Efficiency

Boost Social Profit

Increase Overall Profit Margins

Strategic Business Consulting

Select a setup that fits your needs

4-Week Program

Total Cost $1,499:

Setup & Training

For business-owners who have a running business and need more automation and structure in order to take their business to the next level quickly.

Phase 1:

Pinpoint Target Client

Build Pricing Structure


Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Phase 2:

Landing Page (Hook)

Conversion Page

Client Booking / Sales Page

Phase 3:

Workflow Automation

Giving You the Keys

What’s Included in Our Program

Business Model

We’ll help you build the right workflow that can help you identify, attract and convert your ideal lead into a paying customer.

Client Hooks

Using the lead magnets, we will help you integrate a series of hooks that will help you develop a database of your ideal clients

Conversion System

By working with you to perfect the conversion process, your business will be able to close more deals and drastically reduce advertising spend

Lead Generation

We’ll work with you to install the latest advanced digital and online marketing techniques to generate quality leads 24×7

Client Engagement

Once you have you ideal client in your system, it’s about nurturing and educating them about the benefits of dealing with your business

Referral Generation

Referrals are the most trusted way to grow. We will help you install the technology that does just that – generate, track and measure ROI from referrals

Lead Magnets

We’ll help you integrate a series of templates that can help you create quality content, hooks, emails, or blogs in minutes.

Screening System

We’ll deploy a series of client screening strategies so you can focus on clients, customers and partners who accelerate your growth

360˚ Technology

Having a smooth workflow is the key to rapid scaling. We’ll help you customize an agile and technology integrated model that can be controlled in a few clicks

See how our software works and experience all the features.


Our team is always available to get you the right information.

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