Real Estate Implementation Program

Real Estate Business Mastery Program

A Hands-On Program That Will Help You Install 9-Strategies That Drive A Million Dollar Real Estate Business.

Here Are The Areas You Will Master In The Program




Install The Same Tools & Strategies Used By Industry Leaders To Consistently Generate Massive Profits 


  • The Perfect Client Pinpointer 
  • The IP Unpacker 
  • The Right Business Model 
  • The Perfect FB Ad Builder 
  • The Perfect Google Ad Builder 
  • The Perfect Landing Page Builder 
  • The Lead Magnet Builder 
  • Facebook/Google/YellowPages/Flyer Ad Builders 
  • The 9-Minute Client Screener 


  • The Workflow Installer 
  • The Lead Conveyor Belt Sequence 
  • The Email Builder Templates 
  • The Referral Generator 
  • Email Sell Sequence 
  • Webinar/Event Marketing Model 
  • 10-Minute Deep-Diver 
  • 60-Minute Client Closer 
  • Sales Automation Sequences


  • CRM Systems  
  • Drip-Marketing 
  • Landing Pages 
  • Content Distribution 
  • Automated Webinar/Video 
  • Event Creation & Conversion 
  • Sequences Analtics & 360˚ 
  • ROI Tracking Systems 
  • Access To Private Entrepreneurial Mastermind Events

We're Going To Help You Install These 9 Strategies So That You Have More Mastery Over Your Real-Estate Business  

Phase 1: The Client Capture System

"Turning A Trickle Into A Flood"

Business Model

We’ll help you build the right workflow that can help you identify, attract and convert your ideal lead into a paying customer

Lead Generation

We’ll work with you to install the latest advanced digital and online marketing techniques to generate quality leads 24×7

Lead Magnets

We’ll help you integrate a series of templates that can help you create quality content, hooks, emails, or blogs in minutes

Phase 2: The Conversion System

"Go From Chasing Leads To Accepting Only Premium Clients "

Client Hooks

Using the lead magnets, we will help you integrate a series of hooks that will help you develop a database of your ideal clients

Client Engagement

Once you have you ideal client in your system, it’s about nurturing and educating them about the benefits of dealing with your business

Screening System

We’ll deploy a series of client screening strategies so you can focus on clients, customers and partners who accelerate your growth

Phase 3: The Profit System

"Go From Running A Manual Business To Operating A 7-Figured Real Estate Firm" 

Conversion System

By working with you to perfect the conversion process, you will be able to close more deals and be able to scale that process 

Referral Generation

Referrals are the most trusted way to grow. We will help you install the tools that do just that – automatically generate, track and measure ROI from referrals

360˚ Technology

Having a smooth workflow is the key to consistent growth. We’ll help you customize an agile technology integrated model that can be controlled in a few clicks

A Word From Our Team

"Hi, I'm Sid Peddinti. I'm a Business Attorney, Strategist and Coach based out of Los Angeles and Toronto. I'll be working with you to design a business framework that can help your business operate more profitably. Breaking revenue barriers is what we are all about, and I can't wait to hear about your business."

"I'm Pascal Ferrari. I'm a Global Marketing and Business Automation Specialist based out of San Diego, Boston, and Paris. I'll be working with you to incorporate robust online and offline marketing models that can deliver qualified prospects to you - every day, if possible. Look forward to chatting with you shortly."

"I’m Peter Peddinti, a Business Restructuring Specialist, Real Estate Broker & Investor From Toronto. By spearheading operational improvements, we can help you automate mundane tasks and have you focused on activities that drive immediate revenue. These strategies are guaranteed to improve your bottom-line."