Develop a database of 100,000 emails, 25,000 Facebook Likes and 10,000 Twitter Followers.

The eMails (subscribers and well as newly enrolled) and followers will build the Owned Assets or Inventory of CTS which will later be monetized through the sales team.

Provide measurable increases over a one year period.

Actionable 12 month Program:

A 12 month program has been established running monthly Social Media engagements. The engagements capture emails from their potential audience of viewers. We data segment the audience based on demographic and social profiles.

Follow up eMails are sent via MailChimp API connected to the Influencer360 platform. Geographically targeted ads on Facebook, postings on referrals sites, the CTS website and TV was used to drive visitors to the microsites (landing pages) engagement built within our platform. A trip to Jamaica was used as one of the sharing incentives in this case.

program outcome


Facebook Likes

Twitter Followers

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